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electric back heat pad maker

cents on a value pay and we’re gonna

make it even sweeter it’s christmas

after all so let’s bring gifts

we have a ten dollar buy more save more

on that one so what you’re going to be

looking at

right now is our 12 by 24 heating pad

so our besdio heating pad wholesale ( pad is right now


for 29.96 the heating pad is at 45

percent off

and it is coming to you today with a

savings of 25

now we are we brought in as many as we

could for the season

i’ve got about 1900 to go around total

it comes in the fantastic gray that

you’re seeing right here here’s the gray

and it also comes in the brown that

daisy has we’ve got about equal

quantities in

in both of them so medic therapeutics

you’re of course you’re gonna get this

great box here

it’ll be ready to go you just plug it in

you’ve got that

included uh operational kind of


there but here’s what i want you to know

that there’s six adjustable heat


and you get moist and dry options which

is crazy daisy’s gonna tell us about


but this is the very first time we’ve

been able to offer this

25 off so this whole hour daisy is about

giving the gift of comfort

from our own brand here medic

therapeutics yes and i

think this heating pad is so genius okay

i’ve had the heating pads you buy it

that like you know

your your um the one that grandma had

yeah the one that grandma had where you

it’s like you get

two heat settings and they’re about this

big and it’s molten lava or cold smells

really odd

because it’s 7 000 years old but this is

so cool this is technology in my opinion

at its best

this controller is built right it’s on

it’s on a very long cord that is


to your heating pad so you’ll never lose

it but i love that it tells me my

temperature setting so normally on

heating pads it’s like that high medium


i don’t know what the heat is i guess it

feels good but you know

whatever this is actually going to tell

you what the heat is and as you can see

mine keeps going up because i do have

this at the highest setting so right

here is your power on

i’m just going to turn that off or sorry

let me do that again okay so now i’m off

i’m going to turn this on

this is your actual plus minus so what

does that mean

that means i can go up to all the

different settings of this

i have like six different settings and

it’s going to show me what eventually

that temperature is going to be on

each setting i also have my timer

feature which is either

a 30 minute timer

60 minute timer or 90 minute timer so

that’s automatic i mean that’s all

that’s off function function

but this is all about giving that gift

of comfort

who do you know that’s either a freeze

baby and just wants a heating pad

or somebody who suffers from back pain

or upper neck pain and they

just want that my mom uses a heating pad


let me tell you about this because it’s

a 12 by 24 inch size so it’s such a nice

size we are going to have a full size

heated throw as well

but this is also machine washable which

is what i love about that because

you know after using it for a while it

gets a little schmaltzy you want to be

able to go ahead and just

zip off that cover throw it in the

washing machine and dryer and you’re

good to go

the gray is available we also have it in

brown but we only brought in about 1900

for the entire

season and this is that gift of warmth

this is that one where you’re thinking

oh boy i wish i just had a heating pad

because you remember your grandma used

to have one you remember you used to use

like that heated water bottle remember

those well this now is all about that

new technology

safety features built right in but today

getting it home for this

crazy crazy holiday price it is just a

few days before christmas and we can

have this

in time for christmas delivery with that

up charge of 2.99

now if you’re thinking okay this is too

good to be true we added a

five dollar buy more save more your

second one we’re going to drop that

price down to 24.96

and basically these are out in the open

market for about 50 bucks

yeah and i love that this is like that

micro plush

on the on that it’s just this wonderful

soft fabric so it feels good against

your skin and cap

this is not take off cover this is


and wash the whole thing so you actually

can unplug this

okay you’re just going to pull that plug

out this whole thing

goes in the washing machine no don’t dry

it air dry it

but that’s so awesome that whole entire

thing goes in thanks

and then you simply just plug this back

in plug it in it’s got a really

nice long cord so you can really plug

this in

anywhere and then again come to my

controller this is

all attached so you have six different

levels of heat

three timers 30 60 or 90 minutes it will

automatically shut off after that so if

you want to fall asleep with it go right


go right ahead i mean this is i think

about that i mean you know when you’re

just not feeling that great you just

want to be able to have that

gift of coziness just that heat where

you want it this is that heating pad

so here with medic therapeutics you can

only find it here only available at


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