Four Protective Meditations

There are two types of meditation: tranquility meditation (samatha) and insight meditation (vipassana). Through tranquility meditation, the tranquility of mind is developed by suppressing the five hindrances (nīvaraṇa). Through insight meditation insight into the five aggregates (pañcakkhandha) is developed. Every meditator who practices either tranquility meditation or insight meditation should master these four subjects for meditation, namely: recollection of the virtues of the (Buddhānussati),loving-kindness (mettābhāvanā), repulsiveness of the body (asubhabhāvanā) and recollection of death (maraṇānussati).

මුද්‍රණ ගාස්තු ගෙවා ධර්මදාන සදහා ලබාගත හැකියි.

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නොමිලේ කියවා, බාගත කර ගන්න.