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帕塔加斯迷你雪茄 帕塔加斯迷你怎么样

In the beginning of 2017

In the western suburb of Hangzhou

I founded one of the largest cultural spaces in China with some of my friends

Fengchang Tea Academy

I come from Songyang, Lishui

I’ve been in Hangzhou for 古巴雪茄烟 over 20 years

The tea academy covers an area of nearly 2,000m2

Generally it’s divided into tea rooms, canteen, classrooms and art gallery

It centers on tea

For example flower arrangement, 古巴雪茄烟 painting appreciation and incense appreciation

Those can all be integrated into our cultural space

A lot of things of life aesthetics are combined in the space

Then we joked that

‘We were poker-playing pals, drinking buddies or sports buddies’

‘But now we are tea pals’

The tea academy is a dream of the group of friends

At a certain stage of life

Ms. Yapei

She organizes a lot of gatherings related to flower or tea

Mr. Guoxin

He was born to a family of TCM

He brings the best herbal cuisine in China

It used to be a wasted land

At the stage of designing

We had more than 20 versions of plans

Because it’s in the shape of a long strip

So it’s kind of worrisome

Then there was a movie called The Wasted Time

One scene in the movie was that

The Japanese held the food he cooked

And opened doors to find Zhang Ziyin who was imprisoned

I was suddenly inspired

The layout of our academy is arranged in a progressive manner

We also have a lot of such partitions

Which can be opened and closed

It’s something between door and wall

You open a partition and enter one space

And then open another partition and enter a new space

A progressive process

The entrance is comparatively hidden

The whole process is very soft

When you reach the cultural living room

You can sit down, drink and have coffee

In the morning

The sun gently penetrates in through the bamboo curtain

And shines on the tatami

When the sun is going down

The light enters through the window

And melts the heart of people

By moving forward you can see two semi-open tea rooms

And an art gallery further

And our private tea room in the end

The arrangement is from open to private

Tea experts have some subtle requirement

To their own space

Like in the Honglu tea room

There’s a small and long window in the middle of the wall

At the opposite it’s the Yubai tea room

The two tea rooms are connected

Without disturbing each other

You would feel that you’re not so lonely

When I just started preparing Fengchang

I was at a low point of life

I had a strong desire to express myself

But strength and intensity

Are actually not what my academy should have

You have to find what’s your inner principle

And what you wish to own

We made contact with Mr. He Jiansheng

We visited his home in Sanyi

And he entertained us with the Oriental Beauty tea from Taiwan

The tea was iced and served with champagne glasses

They are our predecessors in the tea circle

And they’re in fact very relaxed

Which inspired me a lot

So when I built the tea academy

I mixed things of different styles

From all over the world together

We have northern-European furniture and Japanese tatami

And old stone plate from the Lake Tai in China

We use black steel

A lot of old wood

Xuan paper on walls

And washed stone on floor

It’s not restricted to one certain style

So that people can relax after coming in

And have a sense of belonging

Hangzhou itself is a city with profound culture

In the recent 5 or 6 years

Basically a good new tea space emerges every half a year

Hangzhou has nearly become or already become

A city on the frontier of tea aesthetics around the world

A lot of friends of mine

Have done a large number of explorations

Humble explorations

So it’s not just a place to drink tea

We want to attract more young people to our traditional culture

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